Cold And Flu Remedy | Half A Teaspoon Every Hour Will Reduce Cold And Flu Symptoms Fast

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Every home should have a go-to cold and flu remedy tucked away in the medicine cabinet. And now, with the season of the sniffles upon us, it is even more important to be prepared with your arsenal of natural remedies. With this cold and flu remedy, you can find many of the ingredients at your local health food store or even right in your own garden. Basically, you’re going to combine several super potent herbs in 100 proof vodka, or a glycerin and water blend, and create your own tincture. Once your tincture has come to its full strength, you’re ready to strain and keep on hand the next time you see cold or flu symptoms kick in.

Keep common illnesses at bay with this cold and flu remedy found at here…

Cold & Flu Remedy For Fast Relief
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