Whiten Your Teeth With This One Ingredient (Amazing Before & After Results)

As you can see in the picture above, you can get amazing results with an undiscovered natural teeth whitener called “activated charcoal”. This ingredient is also great in removing staining from coffee, tea and cigarettes. Just a 5 minute scrub with this ingredient can significantly improve and whiten your teeth. Check out more before and after pictures […]

Super Awesome Carpet Cleaner (+ Deodorizer)

Whether you have pets in your home that bring a stench that never goes away or you have stubborn carpet stains, this homemade carpet cleaner and deodorizer will get rid of almost any stain while leaving a long-lasting, wonderful scent in your home. This carpet cleaner is unlike most homemade cleaners you’ve come across. For further […]

20 Ways To Get Rid Of Pests (Without Chemicals)

If you’re not a big fan of pesticides and looking for a more natural way of getting rid of pests at home then you have come to the right place. After all, natural pest remedies are much cheaper and is safe to use around the house. We have found an article that lists 20 ways to […]

Fight Cold and Congestion & Maybe Even Lower Your Blood Pressure & Cholesterol With This Powerful Tea

Not many people know that Hibiscus is incredibly good for you, offering amazing health benefits like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Amanda and her family like to enjoy Hibiscus iced tea in the Summer and in the Winter as an immune-boosting base for teas and tinctures. This tea is a perfect remedy when those colds […]

6 Natural Ways To Rid Your Home Of Mold & Mildew

Here are 6 natural ways to get rid of mold and mildew in your home, once and for all. Not only is the stuff disgusting and ugly, it can also be detrimental to you and your families health. Instead of throwing chemicals at the affected area, crossing your fingers that it will disappear, why not […]

The Ultimate Homemade Fly Spray

Around summer time, flies can be a great nuisance! If you’d like to keep flies away from your home, family and pets, then this DIY fly spray may just be the thing you’ll need. This Homemade Fly Spray uses a combination of apple cider vinegar & essential oils. Best of all, flies hate it! To […]

DIY Indoor Herb Garden

Growing an indoor herb garden is a fantastic way to grow fresh herbs. You get the convenience of having them nearby during cooking time or when you need them medicinal purposes. To find out how to get your indoor herb garden going, click on the link below… DIY Indoor Herb Garden

10 Green And Thrifty Cleaning Products

With just a few common ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen or laundry cabinet, you can make ten amazing green cleaning products. This is all the cleaning products your house will ever need. To find out how to make fabric softener, stainless steel cleaner, furniture polish and seven other cleaners, visit livingwellspendingless.com here… […]

DIY Laundry Spot Remover

The result of not pre-treating stains before you wash them is that the spots will still be there. The good news is that there’s a homemade spot remover that works with even the most stubborn stains. This treatment is made with natural ingredients. Find out how to make this homemade laundry spot remover here… DIY […]